Twin Row Planters

3-Point Vacuum Precision Planting System

New 6025 TW 1638 and SL 3238

Large Seed and Box Capacity

  • Plant more acres…Up to 3 times more. Plant 12 to 16 acres between fills compared with 3 to 4 acres with other planters. Our six row twin plants the same acreage in a day as a 12 row single.
  • Large seed and box capacity is mounted to frame and carried with land wheels and not the row unit. This allows the row unit equal and constant down pressure.
  • 4 1/2″ opener gauge wheels on both sides of the twin rows for increased opener flotation. No other twin row planter can do this. A tremendous advantage over running two 2 1/2″ gauge wheels or running 4 1/2″ on outside of twin and 2 1/2″ on inside of twin.
  • Use of the Cranky Crank system, allows a very flexible and multitude of different row spacing.

4 in 1 Design Planter

  • 6 Row Twin 36″ or 38″ (Twin Row planting, especially peanuts)
  • 6 Row Single 36″ or 38″ (Use cranky crank to lift one twin and re-center planter with double hook quick hitch design.) Cotton, corn, or any crop where you need a single row configuration.
  • 8 Row Single 30″ (Use cranky crank to lift four row units and re-space eight units on easy slide tool bar. (Cotton, corn, or any crop where you need a single row 30″ configuration.)
  • 15 Row single 15″ (Add three additional row units at time of purchase.) Carry the additional units on the tool bar and use cranky crank to lift units when not in use and lower units when needed for a 15 row 15″ spacing. (Great way to plant 30″ corn and easily lower three row units for 15″ Soybeans. Or lift three row units, re-space row units, to achieve twin row 36″ or 38″)

Superior seed depth control

Twin Row Seed Precision Takes Profitability to a New Level

Even plant spacing for improved yields are achieved through seed singulation. Crustbuster’s design is focused on the row unit. This is a completely unified design from the seed meter, to seed tube, to ground furrow, to furrow closure.

Controlling Down Force Means More Production and More Profits

The TW 1638 (twin rows on 8-38” wide beds) has a total capacity of 50 bushels. Seed weight is carried on the frame and not on the row unit.

Too much down force produces sidewall compaction, uneven emergence and poor root development. Too little down force causes you to lose depth. Either way, your yield suffers. The TW 1638 solves this problem by controlling down-pressure and ground contact with a parallel linkage opener with five pressure spring settings maintaining constant and accurate down-pressure throughout the 10″ of travel.

Select the right down-pressure for the field condition and plant with confidence to produce the best results!

Twin Row Planters for No-Till Conditions

This Twin Row Planting System is a vacuum metered planter that plants corn, cotton, soybeans or milo seed precisely on a seed bed in a twin row configuration.

Large 2 bushels-per-foot seed boxes carry twice as much seed as a conventional planter with a 1 1/2 bushel seed box per opener capacity!