Loader fed hopper or full cone top fed models with dual or single discharge gates available

Vertical Screw Blender

  • Blender vessel, inload hopper, motor mount, belt guard, support legs and gate manufactured from 304 stainless steel.
  • Only one externally mounted bearing.
  • Cam-action slide gate is available in manual, air, electric or hydraulic.
  • Precision mix every time from a blender in 5, 6, 8, 10  and 12 ton models*.

*Based on 60 lb. material

OutLoad Conveyor

  • 304 stainless steel.
  • 16″ and 24″ wide.
  • Standard lengths available up to 43′ long.
  • Discharges up to 4 tons per minute.
  • Enclosed take-up tubes.
  • Stainless steel Quick-Tach hopper.
  • Stainless steel weather covers.
  • Low HP requirement
  • Designed for use with Vertical Screw Blender.

CrustBuster/Speed King was the first tapered screw blender which is now the standard of the industry.

Since 1960 we have been serving the dry chemical fertilizer industry with quality innovations.

The secret to the Speed King Vertical Screw Blender is the large diameter tapered mixing screw. It gently, but quickly draws material into the mixing vessel from the load hopper. No feeder screw is required. Each flight of the tapered screw is gently moving material into a downward flow, creating a very intense, fast and complete mixing action as it virtually eliminates product degradation.