Two drills in one. It’s both a central fill and a box drill.

Plants seed in No-Till, Minimal Tillage, or Conventional Tillage field conditions.

Drill large acreages such as wheat or soybeans without stopping to refill seed boxes for a long period of time, saving labor and helping to finish sooner. Operator has the ability to turn off the central fill hopper and drill with only the seed boxes for small acreages with lower seed rates such as alfalfa and milo. Operators can choose which setup works best for their crop and acreage. This Drill is equipped with a 200 bu central fill hopper that continuously supplies seed directly into the seed boxes. The monitored, equally measured supply and constant flow of seed into the drill’s boxes gives the operator confidence and full control.

Features include the proven Parallel Linkage Openers that maintain constant down pressure for precise depth control throughout its 10″ of operating range. The adjustable Wobble Slot has the proven ability to meter a wide variety of seeds, ranging from cover crops to wheat, soybeans and many others. Standard on this drill is CrustBuster’s Hydraulic Drive which gives you variable rate control, individual section shut-off control and reduces the need to change sprockets. A choice of 7 1/2″ or 10″ spacing is available. It’s available in 40′ width which can quickly fold down to a 15′ 10″ road width, allowing mobility between fields. The central fill hopper is equipped with a low level sensor. The variable rate control is ISO compatible. Like all of CrustBuster’s All Plant drills, this drill is designed for no-till as well as minimum and conventional tillage.

  • Large 200 bu. central fill hopper.
  • Drill low rates or small seed with drill boxes.
  • Central fill hopper continuously supplies seed into drill boxes.
  • Quickly folds down to 15′ 10″ road width.
  • Standard Hydraulic Drive.
  • 7 1/2″ or 10″ spacing.
  • Hopper equipped with low level sensor.
  • Variable rate control is ISO compatible.

Parallel Linkage Opener For Depth Control.

CrustBuster’s secret to planting success is keeping the pressure constant throughout the operating range of the opener.

40′ Central Fill Wobble Slot Drill
Size Spacing No. of Openers Weight Minimum HP
40′ 7 1/2″ 63 Approx. 28,000 lbs. 200
40′ 10″ 48 Approx. 26,000 lbs. 200

• Optional every row blockage population monitoring.