CrustBuster/Speed King high quality farm implements and equipment

All Plant Series No-Till Drills 10′ to 50′

The best drills for depth control. Plant in heavy residue No-Till. The All-Seed Wobble Slot for seed singulation.

  • Wobble Slot for varying seed sizes, weights and rates.
  • The best single seed placement.

Parallel linkage opener

  • 3-Section 40′, 45′ & 50′.
  • 2-Section 20′, 25′ & 30′.
  • Single Section 10′, 13′ & 15′.

Exclusively from CrustBuster, optional hydraulic seed drive

  • Variable rate control capability.
  • Reduces need to change sprockets.
  • On-the-go rate control.
  • Individual section shut-off control.

Central Fill Wobble Slot No-Till Drill

Two drills in one. It’s both a central fill and a box drill.

Plants seed in No-Till, Minimal Tillage, or Conventional Tillage field conditions.

Drill large acreages such as wheat or soybeans without stopping to refill seed boxes for a long period of time, saving labor and helping to finish sooner. Operator has the ability to turn off the central fill hopper and drill with only the seed boxes for small acreages with lower seed rates such as alfalfa and milo. Operators can choose which setup works best for their crop and acreage. This Drill is equipped with a 200 bu central fill hopper that continuously supplies seed directly into the seed boxes.

4700 All Plant No-Till Air Seeder

Our No-Till Air Seeder System relies on the successful CrustBuster Parallel Linkage Opener which is engineered to provide a constant down pressure throughout the operating range.

This down pressure plus remaining parallel to the ground throughout the opener’s travel results in a consistent planting depth control. The Air Drill System features a large 350 bushel capacity, two compartment split 60/40, four wheel steer cart. Mounted on the ISO compatible cart system is the central fill, pressurized tank which features a low hopper sensor. The operator can load and unload the hopper with the attached 8″ auger. The ability to drill grain and apply fertilizer at the same time allows you to get more acres done in less time. Built around the solid All Plant Drill 3-section 40′ and 45′ frames, the folding Air Drill allows for quick and easy transport. It plants seed in heavy residue No-Till, minimum or conventional tilled fields.

60′ Central Fill No-Till Drill

Central fill, 60′ drill width, 12′ road width, easy fold, proven All-Plant Parallel Linkage double disk openers.

  • 200 Bushel single-compartment tank
  • Pressurized tank with low hopper sensor
  • Large air seeding capacityM/li>
  • ISO compatible variable rate
  • Drills grain or applies fertilizer
  • Available in 7½” and 10″ spacing
  • Plants in No-Till, Minimum till or Conventional tilled fields.

Seed Tenders and Totes

Respect your seed. Protect it with Speed King’s belt systems.

Belt conveyors are the preferred method for handling seed. 160 bu., 240bu., and 330 bu./411 cu. ft. high capacity, high clearance seed tenders with patent pending Honeycomb belts. Seed totes in 2-box and 4-box.

  • Fill up to 40′ planter with one stop.
  • One belt. 100% Cleanout.
  • No cross contamination.
  • Maintain seed quality.
  • Fast, efficient and dependable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Extends from 14′ to 22′ and Pivots 180°. Available on 160 and 240 Tenders.

Material Handling

Honeycomb style BeltVeyors

  • High capacity
  • Greater discharge height
  • Gentle material handling.
  • 16″ Speed King Honeycomb Belt in a 10″ 14 gauge steel tube.

Material Handling Equipment

  • 70′ PTO drive conveyor model available in 20′ to 70′ lengths.
  • Flush-type elevating undercar conveyors.
  • Bucket elevators.
  • Conveyor style drive-over pits.
  • Portable TroughRoller conveyors.
  • Patent pending optional honeycomb belts.

Twin Row / Single Row Planters

Plant corn, cotton, soybeans, peanuts.

  • Big 2½ bu./ft. box carries up to four times as much seed as a single row planter or double the amount of seed in a competitor’s twin row planter.
  • Cast steel planter opener with dual gauge wheels and Narrow Curf design.
  • State-of-the-art vacuum planter is industry standard compatible/supportable.
  • Say goodbye to chains! CrustBuster’s new Flex Drive increases run time and decreases maintenance downtime.
  • Hydraulic or mechanical drive.

Total Plant System

Planter-style cast opener

  • Exclusive and Versatile Wobble-Slot Design is the best single seed placement volumetric meter on the market for planting a wide variety of seeds.
  • Easily adjustable Parallel Linkage engineered with 10″ of travel to create constant down-pressure throughout its operating range.
  • Big Blade/Little Blade configuration for Narrow Curf, which leads to superior seed-to-soil contact.
  • Single Gauge Wheel gauges depth and controls blowout for even emergence.

Grain Carts

Up to 1325 bu. capacities

  • 1325 bu. capacity
  • Adjustable spout
  • Tandem axle
  • Narrow road transport

Cotton Equipment

New Modulating Boll Buggy

  • Eliminates the Module Builder and Module Builder power unit.
  • Uses tractor farmer already owns to pull the Modulating Boll Buggy.
  • Utilizes far less expensive basket-style strippers.
  • No module builder ground crew necessary.
  • Converts Boll Buggy operator to Modulating Boll Buggy Operator.
  • No Round Bale Staging Tractor required.
  • Eliminates non-recoverable Round Bale Wrap cost.