“The Simplicity of the machine has been nice. It’s not a complicated system. Its been easy to figure out. The support has been Excellent! Our emergence on our wheat and millet is better than any drill we’ve had in the past.”

– Greg Larson, Larson Farms, Haxton, CO

“Love it! It’s easy to set and we seem to keep our depth a lot better than we have in the past with other drills. I think our emergence definitely benefits from it.”

– Greg Larson, Larson Farms, Haxton CO

“It works real well. We’ve used it in no-till, minimum till and conventional till, all three worlds and it did a remarkable job for us. We like the stand that we got and the marker system where we aren’t missing any rows. It flexed through the field real well for a 60 foot, up and over terraces.

Just the right size (12′ road width) in transport mode.”

-Greg, David and Derick Lundgren, Lundgren Farms, eastern Colorad

Proven. The Best Drill for Depth Control

CrustBuster has combined their vast experience with seeding in no-till conditions and reputation for building solid reliable drills to offer a large central fill air drill that utilizes the long proven, All Plant Parallel Linkage Double Disk Openers. This 60′ drill is available in either 7 1/2″ or 10″ spacing. It features a frame mounted 200 bushel single-compartment pressurized tank centrally located for quick refilling. The unit is ISO compatible variable rate. Manifolds include blockage sensors and the tank has a low hopper sensor. Equipped with super single walking tandems with tire size of 445/50R 22.5-13, has swing-out axles for easy tire removal. It easily folds into transport position in approximately two minutes and becomes road ready with a 12′ folded width.

  • Central fill
  • 60′ Drill width
  • 12′ Road width, easy fold
  • Proven All-Plant Parallel Linkage double disk openers
  • 200 Bushel single-compartment tank
  • Pressurized tank with low hopper sensor
  • ISO compatible variable rate
  • Drills grain or applies fertilizer
  • Available in 7 1/2″ and 10″ spacing

All-Plant Parallel Linkage
Double Disk Opener

Crustbuster’s secret to planting success is keeping the pressure constant throughout the operating range of the parallel linkage opener. The offset blades penetrate firm no-till soil and create the ultimate seed furrow. Leading notched blade with ¾” offset gives maximum penetration and trash flow. Five quick change down-pressure adjustments from 125 lbs. to 500 lbs. per opener.

Folding sequence 60′ folds to 12′