Multi-Purpose Loader

  • 12″ PVC Crescent style belt.
  • Capacities up to 6,000 bushels per hour.
  • Available in either electric or hydraulic drive.
  • Perfect for unloading trucks.
  • Discharge height 32″.
  • Overall length 20′ 6″.
  • Great maneuverability.
  • Rubber cushion hopper top.
  • Hopper height 13″ without rubber top.

Tip-Up Conveyor Attachment for 10″ BeltVeyor®

  • Enhance the versatility of the BeltVeyor and increase capacity at the same time.
  • Includes all brackets, sprockets, chain and chain guard.
  • Available in painted mild steel.
Tip-Up Conveyor Specifications
Belt width 12″
Hopper width 48″
Hopper length 55″
Hopper height* 12″

*Measured from hopper mid-point

Chain Belt Conveyors

  • Up to 90 tons* per hour.
  • 18″ wide stainless steel chain belt, head drive
  • Used for both railcar or trucks
  • 304 stainless steel

Can be used in a below grade installation for both truck and rail applications.

Utility Undercar Belt Conveyors

Semi-pneumatic 10″ wheels reduce effort to position conveyor. High capacity 12″ or 16″ belt delivers up to 90 tons* per hour. Choice of self-powered with 3 hp motor; or auxiliary powered by tubular conveyor with efficient Quick-Tatch option.

The BeltVeyor® Undercar fits easily under discharge gate.

Twin-Screw Undercar Conveyors

Standard 5′ (requires 7½ hp) and 9′ (requires 10 hp) incline lengths, both with automotive-size wheels.

*Metric tons (2200 lbs.) based on 56 lb. material

Twin-screws help break up lumpy material and will handle up to 80 tons* per hour.

Flush-Type Elevating Undercar Conveyor

Continuous 12″ or 16″ belt for unloading trucks and/or hopper railcars.

Handles up to 70 tons* per hour; perfect for a one-man operation while it eliminates the need for the below grade pits.

  • 304 stainless steel construction.
  • 15″ tires allow for an easy swing under truck.

*Metric tons (2200 lbs.) based on 56 lb. material

TroughRoller Conveyors

The backbone of our plant conveying systems

Overhead TroughRoller Conveyor with Tripslinger Attachment

Increases plant capacity by 30%

Team a TroughRoller horizontal conveyor with a TripSlinger and significantly increase the storage capabilities of your present facility.

Speed King components are trusted throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world for blending chemical fertilizer and other bulk materials.

The TripSlinger has a high-speed reversing belt which slings the fertilizer at 90˚ angles to the direction of the conveyor belt travel. TroughRoller Conveyors are low in initial cost, low in horsepower requirements, and low in maintenance.

  • 12″, 16″ and 24″ belts available
  • TroughRoller style conveyors are used as the basis for the inload conveyor, outload conveyor, shuttle conveyors and top-fill blenders/conveyors as well as portable conveyors.

Portable TroughRoller Conveyor

Engineered to strict standards and constructed of 304 stainless steel to help resist corrosion. Its low power requirement to tonnage moved is unmatched.

Available in lengths of 30′, 35′, 40′, 45′, 50′, 55′ and 60′.

  • Tough 16″ or 24″ PVC belt travels smoothly over 2″ carrier idlers and will deliver up to 240 tons* per hour.
  • Carrier idlers are on 2′ centers, return idlers on 10′ centers.
  • 8″ drive pulley is welded steel with rubber lagging.
  • All bearings are self-aligning, anti-friction ball bearing type with double lip seal for purge greasing.

*Based on 56 lb. material