An all new CrustBuster / Speed King Boll Buggy®

  • Super long 20′ Basket for easier filling, less spillage and more capacity!
  • New ‘Lift & Shift’ Technology lifts the basket higher to dump into the tallest of builders while shifting to dump cotton into the center of the builder!
  • Solid straight side for trouble-free operation of chain unload!
  • Low 14′ 2″ transport height!

Super 20 LS

Super 20 XL

Super 20 LS With new ‘Lift & Shift’ technology

Quad Chain Unload

Accurate Placement of cotton in Builder

Packer/Divider panel splits basket frong to rear allowing for unloading only one-half of the basket at a time.

Optional hydraulic motors, front and rear, drive front two sets of chain separate from back two sets of chain.

Combining the split front to rear ‘basket unload’ with the two motor chain drive results in the exclusive Boll Buggy Quad Unload.

Volume 2030 Cu. Ft. Sruck
(Packer Panel increases capacity by 1/3)
Ground to basket pivot point 12′ 6″
Ground to top panel (dump in slide) 11′ 10″
Ground to bottom of main frame 28 1/2″
Ground to top panel 14′ 8″
Tires 18.4X26 12 Ply
Basket length 19′ 11″
Basket length at top with extension 21′ 2″
Basket Width at top 13′ 6″
Basket Width at bottom 2′ 8″
Overall Length 28′
Tongue Jack Stand Standard
Single Axle Width 120″ to 160″ adjustable
Basket Lift Hydraulic Cylinder 6″dia. X 43.5″ stroke, 2.5″ rod diameter
Packer Panel Hydraulic Cylinder 2.5″ dia. X 32″ stroke, 1.5″ rod diameter
Regulator Hydraullic Motor 22.5 Cu. In. Disp.,
15 GPM Flo @ 1200PSI,
Continuous Operation

New Lift & Shift Technology

Massive 2″ main pivot pins are serviced with grease lines running to ground level for operator convenience.

A secondary pivot arm lifts the basket 18″ higher while shifting the basket 64″ toward the Module Builder.

Low 13′ 10″ transport height and narrow 14′ 7″ transport width make moving the Boll Buggy LS to and from the field even simpler.


Cylinders lift the basket while the secondary arm rotates around a fixed pivot point–lifting the basket 16″ higher.


That same rotating arm not only lifts the basket higher, but it also shifts the basket 54″ toward the Module Builder.

Solid Packer/Divider Panel

Increased Capacity, Moves Cotton Over and Splits Basket

Far superior to carts without Solid Packer/Divider Panel. Out performs vane packers. Absolute must when buggy is used with strippers. Packer cylinder located below basket for fewer restrictions and fewer cotton hangups.