Portable Field Loader / Drive-Over Pit

CrustBuster / Speed King, Inc. announces new Portable Field Loader / Drive-Over Pit.

Having the convenience of a Drive-Over Pit on the Speed King Field Loader opens up many possibilities for fast unloading and loading of material on location. The unit is the combination of the well tested Speed King Field Loaders and the Conveyor Style Drive-Over Pits. Combining these into one unit allows the ease and convenience of setting up the Field Loader on location and having the ability to drive over and immediately unload material. The unit has 4′ wide ramps for easy access. PVC crescent top belting will deliver capacities to keep up with the speed of the Field Loader. Transport width is 108″. The unit will move fertilizer up to 180 tons per hour. Bottom is solid sheeted for added strength on uneven ground. The Field Loader has a belt width of 24″. Clearance of the Drive-Over Pit is 6 1/2″. Discharge height of the Field Loader is 12′ 9″ standard and 13′ 6″ with extensions. The unit is powered by a Honda 13 hp electric start motor with a centrifugal clutch. The Portable Field Loader / Drive-Over Pit is available with stainless steel or mild steel construction.