New 1325 bushel capacity Grain Cart by CrustBuster / Speed King Inc.

More capacity and faster unloading speeds make the new CrustBuster / Speed King Inc. Grain Cart an essential part of harvest operations. Equipped with a 22″ computer balanced auger with 5/16″ flighting, the unloading speed is 50% faster than smaller grain carts with 18″ or smaller augers. The 1325 auger is equipped with a standard adjustable spout to allow better control during unloading. The cart comes standard with a tandem axle that will go down 30″ row spacings providing better stability and weight distribution. It is supported by 10″ x 6″ heavy main frame steel tubing and has a narrow 12′ width design for easier road transport. Tire size is Rl 12 ply 520 / 85R38. Approximate overall weight, when empty, is 17,000 lbs and discharge height is 14′ 5″.

CrustBuster also offers Grain Cart Models in 850 and 1075 bushel capacity with 18″ augers. All models come in either red or green paint.