Crustbuster/Speed King high quality farm implements and equipment

New 4700 All Plant Air Drill

The new 4700 All Plant Air Drill by CrustBuster / Speed King Inc. comes from the experienced and field-proven 4700 series All Plant Drills known as the “No-Till Drill of Choice”.

This new Air Drill System centers on the successful CrustBuster Parallel Linkage Opener which is engineered to provide a constant down pressure throughout the operating range.

New 4560 Central Fill 60' No-Till Drill

Central fill, 60' drill width, 12' road width, easy fold, proven All-Plant Parallel Linkage double disk openers.

  • 200 Bushel single-compartment tank
  • Pressurized tank with low hopper sensor

Twin Row/Single Row 3-Point Vacuum Precision Planters

Plant corn, cotton, soybeans, peanuts.

  • Big 2½ bu./ft. box carries up to four times as much seed as a single row planter or double the amount of seed in a competitor’s twin row planter.

Seed Tenders and Seed Totes

Respect your seed. Protect it with Speed King’s belt systems.

Belt conveyors are the preferred method for handling seed. 160 bu., 240bu., and 330 bu./411 cu. ft. high capacity, high clearance seed tenders with patent pending Honeycomb belts. Seed totes in 2-box and 4-box.

Material Handling with Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Drive-Over Pits

Honeycomb style BeltVeyors.

  • High capacity
  • Greater discharge height

Cotton Equipment

Boll Buggy and Module Builder.

  • Labor saving “hands free” automatic tamping, providing tighter modules.
  • Fully loaded baskets are possible due to center packer/divider panel.

Carts in 850 and 1075 Bushel Capacities

Grain carts built to last with grain handling knowledge you’ll only find from CrustBuster/Speed King.

Proven in the field. Compare value and get more for your money.

  • Computer balanced 18” auger (850/1075).

All Plant Series Drills 13' to 45'

The best drills for depth control. The no-till drill of choice. The ONLY all metal seed cup on the market!

  • Wobble Slot for varying seed sizes, weights and rates.
  • The best single seed placement.

Total Plant System

Planter-style cast opener

  • Exclusive and Versatile Wobble-Slot Design is the best single seed placement volumetric meter on the market for a wide variety of seeds.
  • Easily adjustable Parallel Linkage engineered with 10" of travel to create constant down-pressure throughout its operating range.

4000 Corn Planter Drills

The best for depth Control. No-till leader

  • To maximize your investment, the 2-in-1 unit easily converts from a 30' no-till drill to a 12 row 30" corn planter—available in two models.
  • Precision® finger-tine meter.

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February 3-5

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February 20-22

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